Our Story

Welcome to Grace Ann Faith Boutique LLC! My name is Shelby Jones. I want to tell everyone a little about the backstory behind why we have decided to open a boutique. Ever since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of one day following my mom and grandparents by opening my own business. While I did not want to follow their line of work directly, I dreamed of opening my own clothing store. However, as I got older, this dream became less and less of a reality than it would ever happen as I was not sure what I wanted to do directly with my future career, and I became a mother at the age of seventeen. Since then, I decided to obtain my degree and become a stay-at-home mother as it was best for our family. However, this dream still remained, primarily serving as a reminder while watching people in our area or even on social media follow their own dream of opening their own store. In the summer of 2021, though, my family and I were at my mom's (Kimberly McGinnis-Collins) and stepfather’s (Travis Collins) house by the pool, and as I watched a TikTok of a girl packaging her first order for her boutique, I told everyone how this was still my dream and, hopefully, it would become my reality one day. After doing some research and talking with my mom and stepfather, we have slowly begun the process of opening our boutique that incorporates our family as my sister’s, my mother’s/mine, and my stepsister's middle names are all incorporated in our boutique's name. Also while opening this online store, our mobile boutique, and our actual storefront located in Boyd County with their help has not only fulfilled my dream but has also helped me start my career even as a stay-at-home mother to my two children. Even though I am not always there in person or online doing live videos my mother (Kimberly) and stepfather (Travis) make sure everything is running smoothly and do a large part of our day-to-day operation as I am not currently able to work full time. I also want to mention I want  our boutique to not only inspire others who want to take a chance to follow their dream but also for our customers to have the chance to find affordable unique clothes that they get to feel beautiful in.